Keeping you moving well, often, and without pain is a key focus for Louise. With over 20 years of practice in orthopaedic and sport related physiotherapy, two physiotherapy degrees and a commitment to continuing education, Louise is able to fully support people in taking care of their health and fitness needs.

Louise evaluates the latest research and integrates the best practices in order to help her clients reach their goals. Her greatest skill is analyzing a problem and implementing an effective and realistic treatment plan. She remains aware of emerging technologies and incorporates new techniques as appropriate. Manual Therapy skills are used to facilitate joint and myofascial mobility and dampen pain perception. A home program of Therapeutic Exercise  is always prescribed to reinforce movement changes, establish optimum movement patterns and to stabilize and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. Acupuncture and dry needling techniques are also utilized to promote recovery and function.

In 2011, Louise achieved the academic Masters designation in Manipulative Therapy (MClSc PT) from the University of Western Ontario. Her research study continues at The University of Calgary in the area of understanding lumbo-pelvic As of May 1, 2012 qualified physiotherapists in Alberta are authorized to order Diagnostic Imaging such as x-ray, ultrasound and MRI diagnostic services. Louise was one of the first to obtain these credentials and is pleased to be able to provide this service to her patients. Based upon imaging results, clients will be referred to sport physicians and other medical specialists as required to complete their injury or disease management.

As part of educating her clients and the community, Louise has written and Published Articles related to sport, injury and prevention. She has also given Presentations to corporate Calgary and has also presented to her peers at professional conferences.

In following her professional interests, Louise has held Professional Positions on various Boards. She remains engaged in the community through volunteering for sporting events like the Calgary Marathon.

Louise is committed to health and wellness herself. She loves running and triathlon and continues challenging herself at races of all distances. Skiing, including Nordic, Alpine and Alpine Touring, is her winter passion. She has been greatly informed by her sports participation and the coaching professionals she has worked with over the years (see No Limits Triathlon and Critical Speed websites). Areas of special interest are injuries related to running and triathlon as well as performance of the Masters athlete in any sport. Louise offers a Running Analysis service and she also sees a number of patients with repetitive strain injuries related to computer and office work.

Above all, Louise wants to help people of any age move well, be pain-free, active and healthy.

Academic Credentials

  • Chan Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS) – University of British Columbia, 2016
  • Certification to Order Diagnostic Imaging in Alberta – University of Alberta, 2012
  • Masters in Clinical Science, Physiotherapy – University of Western Ontario, 2011
  • Certified in Medical Acupuncture – Acupuncture Foundation of Canada – 2003
  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy – 1999
  • Certificate of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy -1997
  • Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy – University of Manitoba 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts – Queens University 1991

Professional Positions

  • Director, Calgary Marathon Society 2008 – 2013
  • President, College of Physical Therapists of Alberta – 2001, 2002
  • Vice President, College of Physical Therapists of Alberta – 2000
  • Council Member, College of Physical Therapists of Alberta – 1999
  • Education Coordinator, Southern Alberta Orthopaedic Division – 1996-1999
  • Member, Item Generating Committee Physiotherapy National Exam – 1993-2002
  • Education Coordinator, Southern Alberta Orthopaedic Division – 1995-1999

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